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Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays

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Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–5pm

Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays


The Kettlers: Double Lipped

Creative conversations in corners with The Kettlers

The Kettlers are a creative arts group of people from North Cambridge who gather bimonthly with artist Lucy Steggals to grapple, stretch, tinker, reflect, enquire, repair, experiment, make, play, share and laugh. Our favourite object in the house is a clear glass double lipped jug hiding in one of the corners.

During 2022, The Kettlers are collaborating on a series of creative conversations focusing on our favourite corners of Kettle’s Yard. Each quarter, we are exploring one corner and taking it as a starting point for our playful experiments. Thinking about the objects, artworks and things that live in that corner. Expanding on and adding our own thoughts, reflections, feelings, and narratives as well as finding ways to invite the wider public to join in the conversation.

We will be sharing evidence of our creative process online via the Kettle’s Yard website. We will also be co-creating a card deck at the end of the year that we hope will encourage visitors to explore these four corners of the house in new unique and meaningful ways.

Corner 1

Have a go

The Kettlers have been thinking about what the words ‘light’ and ‘dark’ mean to them.

Draw a ladder. Think about actions, feelings, memories, places or objects which you might associate with ‘light’ or ‘dark’. Then write a word on each rung of your ladder going from light to dark or from dark to light.

Here are some suggestions from us:




Wibble Wobble


Up Up Up















Made it

Corner 2

The Kettlers have been reflecting on colours and how they connect to emotions and protective shells.

Pick a colour that matters to you think about it. Assemble a collection of clothing, fabric, accessories and objects in that colour. Construct a wearable protective shell on your person. Go for a walk and look for that colour.

The Kettlers chose the following colours.

Black- background/cat/ monochrome/ winter/ bins/ witch/ sadness/ darkness/ smart

Green- growth / plants/ life

Purple-hats / summer/ light/ sun/ petals/ fresh/ purple rain

Red- red cross/ sunsets/ remembrance/ poppies/ queen/ danger/ help/ dragons/ fun

Blue- sea/ beach/ waves/ mums dog/ blue summer sky/ high sky/ bright/ beautiful/ bluebells/ service uniforms

Lavender- lovely smell/ relaxing/ grandma/ smokey leaves/ bumble bees

Fuchsia- nail varnish/ flowers/ happiness/ skies

Corner 3

The Kettlers have been wondering why plates are round and redesigning cutlery. They have been thinking about who they would invite for dinner and what they might feed them.

Invite friends for dinner. All bring a plate (preferably not a round one). Share with each other why you chose this plate and how much it would cost if it was for sale in a thrift shop. Make your own cutlery. Dream up a menu.

Thank you

All the images and artwork here are the original creations of The Kettlers.

The Kettlers are:

Christine Chamberlain

Valerie Cutting

John Holt

Karrie Kuller

Ros Rowlinson

Barbara Watts

Christine Wright

The are supported on their creative excursions by artist Lucy Steggals.

Thank you also to Ester Rovira for volunteering to support us this quarter.

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