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Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–5pm

Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays


New Children’s Book: What Hides Inside?

We are delighted to share the publication of What Hides Inside?, a new children’s book illustrated by Rachel McGivern and written by Imogen Alexander.

In this book, join a group of local children on their adventure through artworks and objects as they explore Kettle’s Yard, discovering the many things that can hide inside an art gallery.

This is the third book produced through the Story Explorers project, a partnership between Kettle’s Yard and The Red Hen Project, funded by Talking Together in Cambridgeshire.

Led by illustrator Rachel McGivern, from January to March 2022 families from North Cambridge met each week to share creative journeys inspired by art and stories. Together, they explored artworks and everyday domestic objects from Kettle’s Yards collection, through looking, talking, reading, art-making and multi-sensory play.

Rachel captured the sessions through live illustrations, which can then be seen in this brand-new children’s book, inspired by the children’s encounters with the collection.

Each of the characters in the book is based on real children who discovered the shapes, colours, sounds, ideas and adventures that hide inside the Kettle’s Yard collection.

This book is a celebration of curiosity and imagination. I hope this book will open up conversations within families as they discover the hidden wonders of Kettle’s Yard House.

— Rachel McGivern