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Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–5pm

Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays

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Open: Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–5pm

Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays


Kettle’s Yard Community Panel

In November, Kettle’s Yard was delighted to welcome our first members to an initial meeting of a pilot community panel for the organisation.

Kettle’s Yard has been a valuable asset to the local community since opening its doors in 1957 with a practice of delivering inspiring and creative projects and programmes ever since.

The community panel will enable Kettle’s Yard to deepen our relationships and broaden our impact, ensuring our resources are even more meaningful for our communities.

We are delighted to introduce our seven community panel members to you, with further updates to come throughout 2024:

Carol Brown-Leonardi ~ Cllr Jenny Gawthrope-Wood Eddie Imhagwe Bryan Johnson ~ Abi Moore ~ Jade Pollard-Crowe ~ Alan Soer

About the Community Panel

Through their involvement, the Kettle’s Yard community panel members will:

  • Advise Kettle’s Yard to effect positive change.
  • Be an ambassador for their community.
  • Get to know Kettle’s Yard and discover what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Represent and reflect the members of all communities living or working in Cambridge.
  • Discuss significant community issues and activities.

In the initial Community Panel meeting, as well as getting to know each other, the panel enjoyed an introduction to Kettle’s Yard and its history from Director, Andrew Nairne, before spending some time envisioning where they would like the community panel to be at the end of its pilot year.

Photo by Josh Murfitt

Hear from our Community Panel

We asked our new members why they wanted to join the Community Panel.

“I think now is the right time to expand my horizons, and to pass on my experiences. To meet and collaborate with other local artists to inspire our communities with artistic projects, such as I have been lucky enough to have been a part of in the past. Bringing the Kettle’s Yard experience to a wider audience.”
“I work at Rowan, an arts charity working with adults with learning disabilities. I would like to join as a link to give a voice for the adults I work with.”
“I am particularly passionate about making our art spaces more accessible for all which doesn’t always need to be explicitly executed but I believe whatever the subject matter, I have the knowledge and life experience to help reach audiences that have felt galleries are not always for them.”
“I am interested in joining Kettle’s Yard Community Panel because of my love for art and I would like to attract the next generation into the museum space. ”