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Introducing the Art Cart

The Art Cart is a new, mobile creative activity cart which will be placed around Kettle’s Yard with creative family activities for you to have a go at on your next visit.

To promote sustainability, The Art Cart has been made using upcycled materials. The main structure has been created using artwork packing crates. The crates were previously used during the Kettle’s Yard closure period to store and keep safe an Alfred Wallis painting and a sculpture by Naum Gabo. The Art Cart also uses old piano keys as drawer handles, scout tent poles, old handrails, and casters. All the objects used in the making of The Art Cart have been sourced and preloved in Cambridge.

The Art Cart was inspired by Kettle’s Yard creator Jim Ede’s own ideas for upcycling in the house. Around the house you can find lots of examples of Jim thinking sustainably and re using items. These include tables made from barrels and shelving made from stair balustrades.

The Art Cart will enable Learning and Community activities to pop up right across the building at Kettle’s Yard. The changing activities will be devised by artists and supported by volunteers. It will also be used in some of our regular family workshops to aid multi-sensory discovery and playful creativity. There will be opportunities for The Art cart to have ‘takeovers’ by community partners to initiate discussions and invite new perspectives on Kettle’s Yard.

The Art Cart was designed and made by Loukas Morley and was made possible with kind support from the Friends of Kettle’s Yard. If you would like to join the Friends, you can do so here.

The Art Cart was kindly supported by