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© The Estate of David Peace. Photo: Kettle's Yard


Sanctuary lamp, 1955 & 1994

David Peace
Engraving on glass
230 x 230 mm
[DP 5]
On display

About the artist

Born 1915 – Died 2003

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Lettering fascinated Peace from an early age. His subjects were largely biblical, heraldic or commemorative. Soon after arriving in Cambridge in 1961, he met Jim Ede, who began to collect his work. Jim enjoyed not only the objects in themselves, but also the contribution they could make to the atmosphere of Kettle’s Yard, both in terms of spirituality and as modulators of light and reflections.

The original of this lamp was a gift to Jim. When it was accidentally broken, Peace made a replacement, which he gave to Kettle’s Yard in July 1994, to coincide with the opening of the refurbished and extended exhibition gallery. The inscription reads: ‘VERE DOMINUS EST IN LOCO ISTO’ (in truth God inhabits this place).



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